Unlock Possibility.

2 min readFeb 23, 2021


Every company that has changed the world started with an impossible idea. No one thought that we’d be able to put a computer in everyone’s home, or connect within seconds to someone on the other side of the world. It was unfathomable that you’d be able to call a car to pick you up with the press of a button, put all the world’s music in your pocket, and my personal favorite, start a business in 5 minutes.

However, over time, we see these once deemed impossible things start to become a reality. The crazy ideas of “yesterday” become the way we all live “tomorrow.”

Today, Maple is taking the first meaningful step forward to unlock another impossible idea: make parenting, our most important and most difficult job, easier. And we aren’t looking back.

As a result of our work, we hope that parents find greater balance when completing their daily responsibilities, feel more appreciated for their day-to-day efforts, and most importantly, unlock the possibility of spending more quality time with their children and families.

Like all other “crazy” ideas, this too will take time. It is a process, and we understand that it takes more than just a good product launch to make real impact. Our vision of creating a better tomorrow for parents and our continued investment in unlocking possibility requires a collective movement. Here is how you can join us to make parenting easier:

Give Us All The Feedback: We are listening to every word. Tell us what you think about Maple, or the ways that we can make your life as a parent easier. We view feedback as a gift, so please email us anytime at feedback@growmaple.com. I will also be hosting Parent Town Halls on Maple’s Instagram account (@growmaple) every Friday from 12:30–1:00pm PST, and want to hear how I can make Maple better for you.

Partner With Us: We are looking for the best technologists, direct-to-consumer brands, services, and creatives that want to help make parents’ lives easier. If that’s you, email me directly at mp@growmaple.com. Some of our great partners already include Yumi, Haus, and Lalo.

Maple’s launch partners, who share in our mission to make the quality of life for families better. Join us.

Share Maple: Maple is rooted in making it easier to give and receive help. Tell a fellow parent about Maple and give them the help they need.

I believe deeply that Maple, in many ways, represents what all parents want for their children — the chance for a better life. Together, we will unlock this possibility.

Founder and Father,

Michael Perry




Parenting is hard. Maple’s free app makes parenting easier with tools to work together, manage your household, and get help. Download at growmaple.com/install